Marriage Proposal Guide

The Wedding Proposal Guide: Tips on how to ask the most important question in your life!

You only do it once. So do it right.

The marriage proposal is the one thing in the entire wedding process that is solely up to the guy. This is why most guys freak out when trying to think of what to do to get their girl to say “I DO.” Here is a guide to help you ask the most important question in your life, “Will you marry me?”

Tip #1: Personalize it
Really think about it. Take into account her personality and her preferences. If she is not the type to be in the spotlight, don’t propose to her in the middle of a baseball stadium on the big screen. Think about where you had your first kiss or first date. Maybe a special place like this can be incorporated into your proposal.

Tip #2: Be a gentleman

Do ask for her parent’s permission (unless this will cause too much drama). Most women consider this the sign of a true gentleman. My best friends’ husband is a great example of this. Her father had died when she was around ten so he asked her mom first then wrote a letter, went to her father’s grave, and read the letter formally asking for his daughter’s hand. When my friend found out about it, she was overcome by the thoughtfulness and sincerity of this act.

Tip #3: Make it sweet

Girls remember everything- when and where you had your first date, first kiss, first argument. If you can show that you’ve remembered small details about your time together and incorporate it into your proposal, you’re sure to have her melting in your hands. Make a scrapbook with all the great and funny memories strung together chronologically and at the end, include magazine photos or hand drawings for where you see your future with her leading to- little children all around you, sailing around the world, and finally two old people holding hands together. Then propose.

Tip #4: Make it memorable

Nothing is worse for a girl who has just gotten engaged then to have to tell everyone time and again about the big proposal if it was done too conventionally. The first thing her girlfriends will ask after viewing the ring is “How did he do it?” You want to make sure she has an amazing story to tell them so she can gush over you and incite everyone’s envy.

Tip #5: Ask for help

She’s probably been gushing to her mom or best friend over the kind of ring and proposal she’s been dreaming of since she was the age of five. Enlist the help of one of her trusted friends or her parents after you’ve asked their permission. They know her in and out and are sure to have some great ideas for you.

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