Bridal Bazaar was a success!

As you can probably see, the girls and I had a great time decorating our booth, setting up our spinning prize wheel of vendors and meeting all of the blushing and excited brides and their bridal parties. It was a busy day and our booth was packed with prize winners!

We were so excited to give out to our Loew’s Coronado Spa Membership grand prize to: Jasmine

Four lucky winners got a free Bootcamp workout session at the beach or park for the bride and three bridesmaids!

We saw a lot of great vendors at the Bridal Bazaar, like our neighbors Crunchtime Popcorn. Did anyone get to try their ice-cream? What did you think?

What were the best ideas/vendors that you saw at the Bridal Bazaar?

Final Bridal Bazaar Prize Secret: Loews Coronado Spa Membership!

See us Tomorrow 1/29/12 at the San Diego Convention Center Booth #107

Spin and Win a Grand Prize from SEA SPA at LOEWS CORONADO

3 month Bridal Spa Membership


Fitness Center

Aerobics Room

Tennis courts

Group Exercise Classes

Outdoor Patio with Jacuzzi

Complementary access to Swimming Pools


Complimentary Parking


Grand Prize Secret #4 Revealed: Brazilian Mardi Gras Ball

You won’t need your passport to visit Rio de Janeiro Brazil for Mardi Gras, which they call Carnival!

Come to BOOTH #107 @ the Bridal Bazaar this Sunday, Jan. 29th 
and spin our prize wheel to win this exciting grand prize.
on Feb. 18, 2012 at 4th and B. St. San Diego, CA

Enjoy the Energetic Music, Delicious Drinks, Samba Dancing and Gorgeous Showgirls of Brazil at this Exotic affair.

Book our amazing Brazilian Mardi Gras Party Package for your next Bachelor/Bachelorette party!

You’ll fall in love with the energy and beauty of the Brazilian culture!

Grand Prize Secret #3: BFF Bridesmaid Bootcamp

Ok, either you or your friend has a new engagement ring so that means you’re due to put on a pretty expensive dress soon.

What does that mean?

Probably, that you are on a diet or have a goal to lose some weight to look fit and trim in your beautiful dress. Perfect timing too as it probably coincides with one of your New Year’s resolutions!

So in honor of all of you looking to debut a New you on the big day, here is our next grand prize for the Bridal Bazaar on Jan. 29th at the SD Convention Center.

BFF Bridesmaid Bootcamp Prize Packet

What is this? It’s the perfect way to reach your weight loss goals through fun, fitness and a bonding experience you can share between the bride and bridesmaids.

Imagine it, you and your best girlfriends supporting one another, eating healthy together and exercising together through personal training and fun outdoor activity.

Your prize package includes:

An individualized personal assessment

A nutrition plan

A one day trial bootcamp session with your closest friends at the park or beach with certified trainers from KOOL BODY Fitness.

So stop by booth #107 to spin and win.

You may win a brand new YOU!

Bridal Bazaar 1/29/12  @Booth107

10 tips for getting the most out of the SD Bridal Bazaar

The San Diego Bridal Bazaar is just ONE week away!

Here are some useful tips for navigating the largest bridal expo in San Diego.

1)Get discount tickets at or on their facebook page (buy 1, get 1 free). Remember to bring $10 for parking under the convention center.

2) Bring your support group! Members of your bridal party and female family members and friends work best. Decide if you want to bring your groom because it can be very stressful and overwhelming for the guys. Make sure everyone has cell phones, each others phone numbers and cameras to take pictures of wedding ideas for you.

3) Eat a little beforehand as there is only a small snackbar inside. Leave space though for all the cake and food samples that you’ll be able to try at the Bridal Bazaar. The booth next to BFFbridesmaid (booth#107) is giving away samples of delicious gourment popcorn and homemade cold stone ice cream! Bring a bottle of water with you as it can get expensive buying onsite.

4) Wear comfortable shoes and bring a backpack for all the promotional material you’ll receive. Bring color swatches if you’ve already picked out your wedding colors

5) Make a plan. Check for the map and decide your plan of attack. Best is to go aisle by aisle starting with aisle #100 and working your way towards the fashion show area. You can also use your friends to fan out and then meet back up to see if there were any you wanted to revisit together. Plan out what questions you want to ask. Make a checklist for the different types of vendors that you still need and make sure you find at least two of each so you can comparison shop.

6) Schedule in the fashion show. There will be three fashion shows: 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:45pm. Make sure you stay until the end when they throw out prizes into the audience. My best friend won a free engagement photography session. BFFbridesmaid will be giving away a free Bridesmaid Bootcamp for you and 3 friends!

7) If you already have your gown and bridal party clothing, take the opportunity to visit the most popular or crowded vendors during the fashion shows as it will make their booths a lot less crowded.

8) Bring your business cards or pre printed labels with your contact info on them. Sign up for as many drawings and prizes as you can. A friend of mine won a free honeymoon!

9) You won’t remember all the vendors you see and meet so take notes on flyers and promotional materials that you find. Write down if they have any special Bridal Bazaar offers. Many vendors give special discounts if you book at the Bridal Bazaar!

10) Relax, have fun and DO NOT get overwhelmed. There will be 320 vendors there but remember, you don’t need to get everything you see! You are there to get ideas and most importantly enjoy this first step of your bridal journey…

BFF Bridesmaid Prize SECRET #2

Ok…. giving away the next secret…

BFF Bridesmaid will be giving away a completely unique prize package:

A SURF DIVA Bachelorette Party!!

Why go to the club? The HOT guys are in the water!

Enjoy a day of surf with your best girlfriends.

Prize includes:

Surfboard/soft board use
Wetsuit or Rashguard use
Lecture on beach
Surfing “pop up” demonstration on beach
Surfing skills instruction in water
Surf Diva Diploma


Exclusive Party Favors

Courtesy of our friends Coco and Izzy at Surf Diva in La Jolla, CA.

Come to booth #107 at the Bridal Bazaar next Sunday 1/29/12 to spin our prize wheel.


BFF Bridesmaid at the Bridal Bazaar 1/29/12

BFF Bridesmaid is so excited to be showcasing our booth at the Bridal Bazaar

San Diego Convention Center Sunday, Jan. 29th from 10 am- 4pm!

Check out our booth (BOOTH # 107) next to

Crunchtime Popcorn and Ice-Cream (offering great samples of ice cream and gourmet popcorn) and Friar’s Tuxedos.

As a resource center for bridesmaids and Maids of Honor, we are so honored to be partnered with the most amazing vendors who host our most creative packages.

I’m happy to report that we’ve gathered some amazing prizes from our preferred vendors to give away at the Bridal Bazaar. I’ll release one secret per day about our prizes starting right now.

Grand Prize # 1
A FREE Bridal Shower (or bachelorette party) TEA PARTY for 8 people at

Frosted Robin Cupcakes in beautiful Seaport Village.


FREE Tea party includes a private in the tea shop, beautifully decorated table setting for eight, delicious teas, cupcakes, fun accessories like fans, feather boas and tea party hats to wear during the event.

Come to our booth #107 and Spin the big wheel of Prizes for your chance to win!

Discount coupons for the Bridal Bazaar available at

Bridal Bazaar January 29th, 2012 10am-4pm at the SD Convention Center

If you are a bride- Congratulations! You did it! You guys are engaged finally! Now that the euphoria is starting to wear off, some of you are beginning to wonder.. what now?

Just accepted bridesmaid or Maid of Honor duty? Then you are eager to do a great job and prove that she made the best choice. Well, the best thing to do now is jump into the fray and go to the 1-stop-shop for all things bridal. The nearest Bridal Show..

In San Diego, the biggest bridal show is definitely the Bridal Bazaar which will be at the San Diego Convention Center Jan. 29th from 10am-4pm.

The Bridal Bazaar is the only place to go to when beginning this journey towards wedding bliss. The awesome thing is the time you save researching because all of the best vendors come directly to one place and you get to meet them in person.I think they are expecting like 300 vendors this year! Also, they give great discounts for services when you book at the Bridal Bazaar..

It can also be a little overwhelming so make sure you have a plan and bring your support. There are going to be lots of eye candy, samples, prizes and even a fashion show.

So get ready, get set, and get rolling.. off to the Bridal Bazaar we go!

Check Bridal Bazaar on Facebook for buy one get one free tickets… or just email us and we’ll send you one!!

5 Ways to politely Say “No” to a bride

Maybe you don’t have the time?

Or in this economy… the money. (Welcome to the club!)

Or maybe you just don’t want to!

How do you say no to being a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor and not hurt the brides’ feelings and ultimately ruin the relationship?


Should she have said no?

Should she have said no?     


#1 Be honest but be kind

Remember the bride has only wedding on the brain and maybe no reason you give her will be a good enough reason for you to miss her big day- even if you are pregnant and due to give birth on her wedding day! However, you owe it to her to be honest and bow out if you truly cannot afford it, are too far away, or feel that you won’t be up to all the tasks that will be expected of you.

#2 Be grateful for the request

This is a day she’s been dreaming of since she was a little girl and you have to be sensitive to that. Maybe she’s been picturing you by her side as she says her “I Do’s” since she was 5 years old. The fact that she’s chosen you above all her other friends and family to be part of her wedding is a great compliment and you should acknowledge that.

#3 Offer other ways of helping or being a part of the wedding

If your location, schedule or finances bar you from serving as a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor, you can still help out in other ways. Offer to attend fittings, help find resources on the internet for her, use your networks to find discounts, help with addressing invitations or making favors. Show her that you still care.

#4 Attend the pre-wedding and wedding events

Even if you can’t be a bridesmaid or Maid of Honor, you should still try your very best to attend at least one pre-wedding event like the bridal shower or bachelorette party. If you can’t afford a gift, be honest and come anyway. She’d rather have your presence there without a gift than having you stay away because you’re embarrassed.

#5 Offer support

This is one of the  happiest but most stressful times in the brides life. You can do her the biggest favor by just being there to comfort her, checking in by phone or email and trying to help her keep perspective. Ask her to come out for a pedicure, let her vent over coffee, rent movies and just stay in your living room talking about nothing wedding related. She’ll need a break from all the wedding craziness and having someone outside of the wedding party to act as an oasis will be greatly appreciated.

Remember, you don’t want to be the cause of wedding drama and you definitely don’t want to contribute to the breaking up of friendships over wedding duties. Sometimes saying No is the best gift you can give to a bride…