Choosing a Bridesmaid dress for a Plus-Sized woman

How to Choose a Bridesmaids dress for a Plus-Sized Woman

Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor want to look (almost) as beautiful as the bride on the wedding day. Check out these 5 tips for how to pick out dresses that will flatter all body types.

1. Choose A line or empire waist dresses

2. Keep in mind that many plus size women don’t feel comfortable showing their legs and shoulders/arms. They may feel more comfortable with longer dresses and dresses with straps or sleeves. You can also throw in a shawl or pashmina to add a little cover to a strapless dress.

3. Darker colors help to slim the body

4. Choose flowy fabrics, satin is very unforgiving.

5. Ask the bride if she’ll allow for variety. Every bridesmaid will have a dress type that flatters her. As long as the length, color and overall style are the same, you can get away with small differences in dress. For example, more of a sleeve on one dress, an A-line on one dress… The most important thing is that everyone is comfortable in the dresses!

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