Best Date Idea for Valentines Day

I love going to the movie theaters to watch movies. I don’t know if it’s the heavenly smell of  popcorn or the sense of community when everyone in the theater laughs with you during the funny scenes.

But watching a movie at Cinepolis Luxury Movie Theater in Del Mar or La Costa, CA takes movie watching to a whole nother level. If you ladies like to watch movies at the theater than this is one date that both you and your date you will appreciate.

From the soft-as-butter wide leather seats that have motorized reclining where you can practically lay down completely, to the oh-so-convenient ability of the arm rests to slide away so you can snuggle together in comfort oh and can’t forget the best thing, you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages right there while you watch your movie AND the waiter can deliver the adult beverages and whatever else you want from the menu right to your seat!

It’s definitely more expensive, about $20 per ticket, but I love that there is a full service bar and lounge to hang out in before the movie and that there are some theaters that only allow 21 and over inside so it’s not too noisy with rowdy youngsters. It’s very sleek and modern and the menu is pretty cool with everything from fresh hand-rolled sushi, to chocolate fondue with fruits.There are swivel tables so you can eat right at your seat.

My only big warning is this: GET THERE EARLY AND ORDER YOUR FOOD AS SOON YOU ARRIVE FROM THE BAR. We were told to order from inside the movie theater. The waiter didn’t come to us until the last hour of the movie, while it was dark and we didn’t get our food until the last 10 min before it ended. It was pretty hard to see what we were eating and I was starved throughout the first half of the movie.

Other than that, I would say it’s definitely something to do at least once. My husband really appreciated the nice seats and the quality of the 3-D headsets that we used for the movie we saw in 3-D. Honestly, the food was nothing that special, kind of like bar food but the novelty of it in a movie theater made it pretty worth it.

The Vow is playing this week… Perfect movie for the occasion!

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