Eversince I was a child, I have dreamed about weddings. I have never had my own bridal shower, nor a bachelorette party and unfortunately, no grand wedding. My husband was in the navy then and we had our wedding in Reno, Nevada at The Chapel o’ Love, in between deployments.

We always planned to have a real wedding later but time and finances have never allowed it to happen. One week after our marriage, 9/11 occurred and changed the world forever. He was deployed a lot and I lived at home with my mother at first. We struggled to finish school and to start new careers. Three beautiful children and ten years later, I still dream about weddings.

It was not until my best friend gave me the privilege of standing beside her at the altar on her big day as her Matron of Honor that the idea for BFFbridesmaid was born. It was my first time being Matron of Honor but I wasn’t worried having had a decade of experience event planning.

So it was a big shock to me at how difficult it was to find the resources I needed to plan a classy bridal shower and fun bachelorette party that didn’t involve the usual dinner, nightclub and stripper that most bachelorette parties were known for. My best friend doesn’t drink alcohol and is too shy for a stripper or a crazy night at the nightclub. I had to visit dozens of websites and spent hours searching for the perfect night out to honor my friend.

After the euphoria of the wedding, I went through a big feeling of sadness, a kind of withdrawal because it was all over and I had all of these great contacts and ideas for other showers and parties that I could no longer use. I was about to hand over all my ideas and contacts to a local wedding planner when a friend suggested my own website, which would be a simple guide on how to be a bridesmaid, resources for the maid of honor to help her organize and original party packages that leave the stress to the professionals so the bridesmaids can just have fun. Through this blog, I hope to bring simple tips, useful information and fun content related to bridesmaids, weddings, fashion, makeup, health and fitness, marriage, money, love stories and whatever else inspiration leads me to.

I got married fairly young and had my first child at 24 years old. My family has been my entire world for over a decade now. This is the first time I am going after my own dream, something just for me. BFFBridesmaid is about unleashing my creativity and my passion for the joy that events bring to people, as well as my dedication to the relationships that parties solidify. I am blessed that I can support and showcase local businesses, help bring the joy back to being a bridesmaid and reinstate the honor in being a Maid of Honor.

I pride myself on having the ability to find and unlock the gems of San Diego- the little known places and activities available to create a mind-blowing, completely unique pre-wedding event. It is my mission to make sure that that moment of time, the moment right before the bride steps forward on her journey to marriage is commemorated and celebrated with her closest friends supporting and surrounding her. This blog and BFFbridesmaid.com are dedicated to those right-hand women who have been there through thick and thin for their friends. Now, we will be there for you to guide you through the thick and thin of your bridesmaid journey- the bridesmaids BFF.

I have a hilarious sense of humor,  maintain a teachers heart, nourish a love for travel and hold a passion for creativity. I have a Masters Degree in English and I currently reside in San Diego county.

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