How can you tell if she may become a Brideszilla?

Bridezillas, you know them… you love them…ON TV!

But what if they were in your own backyard?

With the holidays over and a shiny ring sparkling on many newly engaged brides, bridesmaids proposals are in full swing. After all, the Bridal Bazaar and other wedding expos are coming and the bride needs her full army, a.k.a. the bridesmaids, with her to navigate the treacherous waters of the bridal expo.So how do you know if that innocent question, “Will you be my bridesmaid” will be the most dangerous question ever asked?

Take this quick survey to find out if your friend or relative has the potential of becoming hell on heels once she puts on that wedding gown.

1. Can your friend go from 0 – Bitchy in less than 3.5 seconds?

2. Are other friends already warning you?

3. Is your friend a type A personality: super-organized borderline OCD, driven, dominating, out-spoken or brash?

4. Does your friend have expensive or very particular tastes?

5. Does your friend criticize your taste in clothing, men, everything….?

6. Overall, do they have princess syndrome or have a very high opinion of themselves?

7. Is your friend passive-agressive and manipulative?

8. Do they demand being the constant center of attention?

9. Does she have low self-esteem?

10. Is it difficult for her to make a decision or communicate?


0-5   Yes answers: Proceed with care. She has some warning signs that she may be a difficult bride to work with. Stress can aggravate things that usually appear minor and it can lead to full-on drama.

6-10 Yes answers: Run for the hills! J/K.. but you do need to be warned and take necessary precautions to reign in the brides expectations. Be clear and direct on what you are and are not willing to do. Be wary of manipulation and “But It’s My Day!” syndrome.